Congratulations to the Supreme Court

The unanimous decision by all eleven judges on the Supreme Court is unprecedented. The highest court in our country has ruled that the Prorogation of Parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson was “unlawful, void and of no effect”. I am delighted by this decision. Congratulations to the Supreme Court for defending our Parliament and our democracy. We live in the UK under the rule of law in a Parliamentary Democracy. The Prime Minister must accept the ruling of the Supreme Court without equivocation. If he is not prepared to do so then he must resign and allow Parliament to choose someone else to take forward negotiations with the European Union. It is essential that we have a Prime Minister who commands cross party support, and who will respect the rule of law. The Prime Minister must write to the European Union to inform them that we need a further extension to stop our country crashing out with No Deal . This judgement also calls into question the future of the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox who gave wrong and unlawful advice.
Tomorrow I will be back in the House of Commons. I will be pressing for Parliament to take back control and continue its efforts to Stop a No Deal Brexit. Strenuous efforts must now be made to resolve this crisis. A referendum got us into this mess and I believe another referendum between any deal and Remain is now the only way to resolve the matter. It would be very reckless and dangerous to call an early General election before the issue of Brexit has been put back to the people in another referendum.