Mike Gapes MP Statement on King George Hospital

In light of a statement issued by local NHS and Council Leaders, Mike Gapes MP issued the following:

“I welcome this statement from the local NHS and Council Leaders.

I made clear in January that I was delighted that the local NHS had removed the threat of closing our A&E department at King George Hospital. This was due to a successful, long campaign of signatures on petitions, public meetings, Parliamentary Debates and Questions, and lobbying Ministers and the NHS. I pay tribute to all the local cross-party MPs and Councillors and local people who have been involved.

The local NHS organisations and Council Leaders have made clear:

“the threat of closure of the Accident and Emergency unit arising from decisions in 2011 has been removed. There will continue to be an Accident and Emergency unit at King George Hospital. The local population has changed significantly since 2011 and is forecast to change further, there is a clear need for Accident and Emergency provision at King George Hospital both now and into the future.”

I look forward to seeing positive proposals about how the local NHS organisations will be working together to improve social care and services for the community.

It is unfortunate that some people have not recognised this important change and are continuing a diversionary campaign rather than putting their energies in into the real problems faced by our local NHS, such as inadequate primary care and difficulties in getting GP appointments.”