Mike Gapes Ilford Recorder Column – March 2019

Last year we mourned the American Jews murdered by a neo-Nazi terrorist at a synagogue in Pittsburg.

In 2017 we mourned victims of both Islamist and far-right terrorism in this country.

Three years ago Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by a far-right British terrorist.

Last month in Parliament, speaking in support of a total ban on Hezbollah, I said: “One of the causes of terrorism is that we do not confront and challenge the ideologies that drive it.

“Whether it is terrorism that comes out of hatred of other communities in the United Kingdom or whether it comes out of a warped distortion of a faith, ..globally different terrorist organisations have to be challenged, confronted and dealt with.

“People in this country, as well as in other countries, have to be protected.

“We need to have tough but fair security measures for our community as a whole.

“In Britain today, there are people who are afraid…It is no good Parliament legislating and then not enforcing it.

“The message has to go out to the Metropolitan Police and it has to go out to local authorities.

“It has to go out to different institutions in our country that there is no place for terrorists, terrorist apologists or terrorist organisations in UK society.”