Mike Gapes MP raises safety concerns at Green Gate Junction with TFL

Mike Gapes MP with residents at Green Gate Junction

Mike Gapes MP brought representatives from Transport for London (TFL) to Green Gate Junction (A12/Ley Street) on Friday 1st March to hear from residents about their road safety concerns at the junction.

Vehicles regularly make illegal u-turns here, cars jump red lights, and some of the pedestrian crossings do not have adequate space, especially for residents with buggies and young children.

Mike Gapes MP has spent two years lobbying for action from TFL, the Mayor of London, and the Deputy Mayor for Transport. Following the meeting at the junction with Mike Gapes MP, residents and TFL, a consultation to redesign the junction will now begin.

At the meeting, Mike Gapes MP said:

“A petition was set up two years ago and that was following on from incidents that happened here in the past.

A lot of people are saying ‘can you do something about this?’

This junction is not fit for this century – it was built many years ago and the amount of traffic using it has increased massively.

I’m pleased that TfL are now taking this seriously. They did say today that they are working on designs and they’re going to come back to us.

I’m really pleased with the number of local people who came out, because that really shows how much this issue matters to members of the local community.”